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Christy’s extensive experience in higher education and college counseling provides a strong context for her work as an independent educational consultant. She was an admissions director, admissions committee chair and dean of student affairs before serving as Director of College Counseling at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois for six years. At Loyola, Christy and her team developed a comprehensive and highly regarded college counseling program. She has worked with college admission officers from around the country and around the world during her career and she has visited over 100 colleges in the most recent few years.

Prior to her time at Loyola Academy, Christy worked with students and their parents in admissions at Northwestern University at the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; Kellogg Graduate School of Business; and the Dental School. She began her 15-year affiliation with Northwestern after moving to Chicago from New York, where she served as the Associate Director of the Executive MBA programs at New York University. Christy began her career in undergraduate admissions at Chatham University in Pittsburgh after graduating from Allegheny College (featured in Lauren Pope’s book, Colleges That Change Lives) with degrees in English and political science. With this breadth and depth of experience, she has a comprehensive and balanced view of the college admission process and she understands the priorities colleges and universities consider as they select students.

A longstanding member of the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC), Christy has an extensive network of professional colleagues in both college admissions and college counseling. Additionally, she is a member of the Illinois Association of College Admission Counselors (IACAC); the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA); and the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA). Christy abides by the highest ethical standards of these professional organizations and is committed to ongoing professional development.


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Christy brings knowledge, expertise, and passion to her work. She believes that the college preparation process should not rob students of a great high school experience in an effort to become a “perfect” applicant, but instead it should help students identify and build on strengths and interests. Guided discernment, along with a healthy dose of realism and practicality, is integral to Christy’s philosophy of college counseling.

Helping students find the right fit in a college begins with asking them to reflect on who they are and who they want to become.  Providing tools and support to help them get there is essential. Thoughtful guidance, appropriate support and practical recommendations empower students to become more self aware and self confident in the college admission process.  

Christy’s goal for her students is the same that most parents -- and college administrators -- share. She wants students to be thoughtful in their approach to the college application process; to proceed with curiosity and integrity; to grow in responsibility; and to become more competent as they move toward the independence, challenges and opportunities that college presents. The best results come when students and their parents are open to possibilities, proactive about research, and are willing to work hard toward their goals.

College is an expensive endeavor and the college selection process is an important family decision. While acknowledging that parents are critical partners in this process, Christy’s approach is to act as an educator, catalyst, and guide for students along the way.


Assessment, planning and action are essential for student success in high school and college. Understanding that every student is unique and believing that there is no formula for or single definition of success, Christy encourages students to enjoy high school, explore academic and extracurricular interests, and grow and develop in at thoughtful way. This doesn’t usually happen without planning and guidance!

Christy Weiss Educational Consulting helps families understand important factors in college admissions while offering practical, student-specific advice on the student’s college search and application process. An advising meeting is available to 8th grade families. Comprehensive college planning packages begin in 9th grade and are available to families throughout high school. Christy limits the number of students with whom she works to 25 per grade.

Evaluation and Guidance:

  • Transcripts, focusing on curricular choices, performance, trends and goals
  • Standardized testing plan and test preparation
  • Educational, diagnostic and psychological testing
  • Results of the College Planning Questionnaire for Students
  • Results of the College Planning Questionnaire for Parents
  • Interests, activities, work experience and résumé development
  • Academic enhancement opportunities, summer programs and other suggested resources for students and parents
  • Special circumstances or other important considerations


  • Development of preliminary college list, including likely, target and reach schools, in partnership with the student and his/her parents
  • Encourage and empower students to research colleges, evaluate options and take ownership of the college admission process
  • Continuous refinement of college list
  • Campus visit plan and evaluations
  • Interview preparation, if applicable
  • Appropriate assistance with correspondence to colleges and universities
  • Essay brainstorming, review and editing
  • Appropriate assistance with and review of applications, before submission
  • Assist student with appropriate follow up with colleges
  • Scholarship and financial aid applications and award interpretation
  • College comparisons and selection assistance

You can reach Christy easily by phone or email:


Phone: 847-287-1743

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All of Christy's student clients have access to her College Consultant Assistant web resource. If you are an existing client, you can log in to the CWEC Student Portal.

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